Friday, March 4, 2011

Football Stud Steven Examined & Abused

Young Footballer Stripped and Intimidated

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Just a couple hours before this meeting at, Steven was out on the playing field around the corner from his home kicking a football around with his buddies. Suddenly he’s summoned by a talent scout into the grand and intimidating board room of Mancastle united football club. The handsome and healthy boy is dumbstruck as he’s given the opportunity of a lifetime to become a pro-sportsman. But this chance quickly becomes a nightmare for the timid lad who is efficiently stripped naked and mauled by the perverted board members. Penis weighed, balls measured and asshole prodded. While tears quietly trickle down his rosy cheeks, every smell and taste of his masculine young body is observed and noted down in the official club records. Find new Clothed Male/Naked Male videos at! Click Here To Watch Videos of Steven…

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